Friday, February 19, 2010

Is it okay to be a Luddite?

Is it okay to be a Luddite? Read this piece by Thomas Pynchon from The NY Times Book Review in 1984.

What made me start thinking about this is the wonderful Luddite collection by Thomas Paul where modern gadgets like your cell phone stay cozy and easy to find in your bag inside these wonderful zippered canvas pouches with pictures of their technological predecessor to give you a hint what's inside. Protect your MP-3 player with this lovely old gramophone covered pouch

or slip your digital camera into this one !
Need protection for your laptop while you walk down to the cafe or head out to the airport or office? What a wonderful reminder of how we used to use to communicate with each other before we had laptops and cell phones and digital cameras. I like that these are fabric covers, adding to the irony that the original Luddite movement was in response to new technology developed in the textile mills of England around 1811!

Are you a Luddite?

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Anonymous said...

Like the nod to the first technology..