Tuesday, February 2, 2010

out of the ashes

I'm very excited to be back in school learning new skills in the Interior Design & Architecture program through U.C. Berkeley! The semester started out last week with my first Elements of Design class and this week I add Drafting! I thought it might be fun to resuscitate Out of Paper and keep anyone who's interested abreast of what I'm doing and things that inspire me as I begin new projects.

Many of you are probably familar with the Ashes & Snow exhibit that toured the world from 2005 till 2008 beginning in Venice and coming to New York and Santa Monica before travelling to Tokyo and Mexico City. I have been thinking about it from a design point of view because while I find the photographs visually stunning and inspiring I am also fascinated by the housing of the tour in the very crates it was shipped in as well as the books one can buy- the images are beautifully bound in Nepalese handmade paper and tea-stained rope that incorporate the respect for the humanity & the wildlife that Gregory Colbert's photography embodies.

I love how these images tell a story that is dreamlike and universal but at the same time very intimate and personal - inspiring!
Here is Gregory Colbert enjoying a moment with one of his models. This is the stuff that dreams are made of!


Anonymous said...

How does he do it? He really taps into that space between the human and the other animals

Tina said...

I saw Ashes and Snow in NYC. Thank you for reminding me of that glorious day. Love.