Monday, May 12, 2008

carole, carly & joni - girls like us

Yesterday, when thinking about Joni Mitchell and her album Blue I was reminded of an article in the NY Times about the book Girls Like Us; it explores just how interwoven Joni's life was with the other musicians of her time.

For instance,In 1969 Carole King & James Taylor played The Troubadour Club in L.A.

Soon King's album Tapestry and his album Fire & Rain were playing on every one's turntable .

Then James and Joni Mitchell were introduced and not only played music together but were romantically linked.

Along came the beautiful Carly Simon with clouds in her coffee ...

She and James were married and started a family (because that's the way she always heard it should be) .

Many years later Carole and James return the Troubadour to perform together!

If any of this incestuous bit of pop history interests then perhaps I won't be the only person taking the book on vacation - I guess it really is a circle game.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

color theory

Try the Lusher color test!
Red spells passion, anger, fertility
The "red light district" in Amsterdam
yellow is the color of sunshine and optimism, but also a pejorative used to express a lack of courage
blue is the color of the sky and the sea, we say "true blue" and sing the blues...

Joni Mitchell can really sing the blues, but she also paints with color.