Thursday, February 4, 2010

showers bring flowers ...

In one of my classes we're drawing simple geometric shapes and repeating them to create patterns for possible textile applications. I think Marimekko does this so well I stopped a moment to peruse their collection for inspiration.Here just a simple blue squiggle creates a stream for the eye to follow the fabric's flow.

Pomegranates (whole & halved) with birds on a wire and the building outlines with flower pods all hold together with the blue ribbon (like a river) making for an unusual, but somehow very pleasing design - I really like the juxtaposition.

Who doesn't love the silhouette of a gingko leaf? Here it's so tranquil in blue.
or bright red to cheer up a rainy day and remind us spring flowers are just around the corner.

Here the two colors combine to produce a beautiful primitive flowering vine and now I must go design my own...

But just one more before I do. I like how the bold blue tree branches and bright red berries entice the sweet delicate bird into the picture.

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