Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paisley Groove

Back to India - I have posted a little Indian music from Sonific to set the mood. Turn it on and listen if you'd like.
Waking up our first morning in Delhi at the Oberoi Maidens Hotel was a perfect beginning. While there are more modern and luxurious hotels in Delhi, this was like being in a bit of old India as the photo above perhaps gives you an idea. Long hallways lead to rooms with high ceilings and ours was a suite with a living room and bedroom and a huge deep tub to soak away the two day trip from San Francisco, via New York and London. Breakfast was a buffet of Indian and Continental dishes served off the garden . There were fresh fruits and juices with toast or eggs made to order and yogurt with granola. Waiters served tea or coffee while we read the newspaper and planned our day.
After breakfast we met our driver and our guide Sateesh who would show us the Red Fort and narrow streets of Old Delhi. If you ever decide to visit or if you already have, then you must know that there is a lot of taking one's shoes off and putting one's shoes back on in India. There is also a lot of tea drinking, but that will come later.
Pyramids of fruit piled on tables invited us to sample the wares, but every tourist guide warned against the freshly squeezed citrus or ripe guavas blushing from their stalls.

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belynda said...

why cant you drink the freshly squeezed citrus or ripe guavas? thats a shame...thanks for the back ground music, it really sets the mood. i almost feel like im hangen out with you.