Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Darker Days of Me & Him

This morning I was running on the waterfront in Sausalito watching the sun rise over Richardson Bay with the San Francisco skyline looking like Camelot rising out of the early morning mist and this song by PJ Harvey came on my iPod shuffle. It had a rather hypnotic effect and I was so taken by it that I came home tonight and listened to it again writing down the lyrics:
Promises promises
I'm feeling burned
You taught me a lesson
I didn't want to learn.
Why did I come here?
Please tell me again.
Why did you ask me?
Don't say you forget.
I long for, I long for,
I long for my home.
I long for a land where
no man was ever known
with no neurosis
and no psychosis
no psychoanalysis
and no sadness.
I pick up the pieces
and carry on somehow
tape the broken pieces together
and limp this love around
and limp this love aound
and limp this love around....
If you're curious you can even watch a short clip of her singing the song live in 2004

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