Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nuit Blanche

Coming into Paris on a peniche (houseboat)one can see Paris has so many beautiful bridges
I loved the red umbrella in the rain!
Nothing quite like Liberty on the left and the Eiffel Tower on the right

It's the best way to come into Paris...

The view from my window
Inside the Grand Palais on Nuit Blanche

One of my best vacations ever was going to Paris to visit a friend who lived on an old barge converted into a peniche (houseboat). We started out on the Oise going through the locks & tying up in the evenings in towns where we could eat in a restaurant or buy fresh produce in the farmers markets and cook on board. At Conflans we turned into the Seine and made our way into Paris. I still vividly remember making our way past the Eiffel Tower and docking in the Port d' Arsenal just under the Bastille in time for Nuit Blanche. The streets are alive all night as galleries and musuems stay open and all sorts of installations are built in beautiful buildings not always open to the public. One of these is the beautiful greenhouse of the Grand Palais above.

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