Monday, February 4, 2008

India Ink

The beautiful women of Rajasthan - one of my favorite images from my first trip to India this past month. This was looking out from the City Palace in Jaipur.

The drive from Delhi to Jaipur was white knuckles all the way. In India our driver Ashok Kumar tells us that a good driver needs three things: good brakes, a good horn, and good luck. The little Indian Ambassador is my car of choice. It has distintive look and visual recognition in the same way Citroen taxi cabs had in Paris in the 80s.

Being San Franciscans we decided to forego the long line of tourists waiting to take an elephant up the steep hill to Amber Fort and instead we walked up with them. They are very well-cared for making only four or five trips per day and only up to the fort (not down) - they were often painted with wonderful bright designs and it was more fun to watch the riders wobble than to be wobbling oneself.

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