Monday, June 14, 2010

Farrow & Ball Blue Black

I've been enjoying the surge of interest in all that is dark and dramatic and was so-inspired myself by Farrow & Ball's Black Blue paint that I decided to experiment with a wall in my bedroom.

I was able to order the paint (which is eco-friendly) and it was sent from England to my stockist in just a little over a week. Armed with a primer in Farrow & Ball's "Downspout" and my boyfriend Tim who is quite handy with masking tape and a paintbrush I waited with anticipation while he primed, waited three hours, added the first coat, waited two hours, added the second coat and voila! Thank you Farrow and Ball and thank you Tim.

I love the way it evokes the Victorian era and the consummate search for classification - the known versus the unknown. I see bell jars and butterflies, terrariums and topiary in my future.

The absence of color attracts color - I really wanted to play up the beauty of my many finds from India - textiles and paintings, hot colors and no color.

I've always seem to follow an ecclectic path to finding things I like and have some sort of story and then enjoy exploring ways that they can all go together. In some ways I supppose this mirrors my life.


PJD said...

Wow, Jen, love the deep black-blue, I don't think I've ever seen quite that color (except maybe at the Fricke in NYC, or someplace like that?)... yes, so evocative of another time--and it's the perfect backdrop for your Indian bounty.

Anonymous said...

It works like I thought it would as well... Really makes the accent pieces in color pop!
Museum quality... Good job, Jen..

Amazingly pigmented paint.. very saturated.. goes on very easy..


Gayle said...

Absolutely love it. We painted one, then two, then three walls of our bedroom a chocolate brown which I love. This blue-black is really versatile.
Don't you love the no-VOC paints?

Anonymous said...