Friday, January 16, 2009

One room at a time and The Suitcase House

I've always been interested in how human beings work with space so especiallly limited spaces like Airstream trailers and Tokyo apartments, where form and function are sometimes magically paired , appeal to me; I have been known to muse that "you can only be in one room at a time."
So I was completely enchanted with the article in the NY Times yesterday about architect Gary Chang and his tiny Hong Kong apartment with moving walls that can actually be transformed in 24 different configurations.
I love the irony that an apartment filled with the latest design and technology was remodelled to house the architect's extensive cd collection! I agree that Mp3s are great but so are the liner notes and artwork tucked into jewel cases.

It has a very Wong Kar-Wai feeling the way the golden light bathes the space.

I also love that even in a tiny space the bathtub is deep and the guest bed is hidden above it!

Then there is Mr Chang's Suitcase House built in 2000 where you can stay in China near the Great Wall just 20 minutes from the Beijing airport . This space is filled with light and again the same flexibility of making the space into what you'd like it to be as you go along. So beautiful in summer...or winter.... inside.... outside.... day....or night.....
I wonder if The Suitcase House in 1945 offered any inspiration ....


Anonymous said...

lovely! it just floats! in air !!

Gretchen said...

oh, to live in a space where "form & function are magically paired".... the suitcase house is dreamy.
i think I'd rather live in a magic carpetbag house, though. (I am definitely in the market for that.)

cerre said...

what incredible light in the first 2 photos. so yellow. glowing.