Thursday, August 7, 2008

Death Valley

Tecope Hot Springs is one of the best places to visit in Death Valley (that's the Paiute Chief Tecope pictured above). One always thinks of endless sand and desert when you hear about Death Valley, but there are hot springs and pools there too. At night you can find springs under the moonlight surrounded by bullrushes and sit in the warm, sandy water being serenaded by bullfrogs.

During the day you can go to the pool!

Another magical place in Death valley is:
The Amargosa Hotel and Opera House

It's a little bit David Lynch (think Wild at Heart) meets vaudeville and it works!

There's even an award winning documentary about Marta Beckett who painted the amazing frescoes inside the theater and for decades has performed to desert audiences. She truly embodies the creative spirit .
Cafe C'est Si Bon - better known as the Internet Cafe is in Shoshone, CA (the gateway to Death Valley) and is the best place to stop for a lovely meal - order crepes filled with savory cheeses or sweet concoctions created by David (pictured below with my girlfriend Taura) - the vibe is friendly and his son Oliver has a lemonade stand for thirst-quenching refreshment as well - if you are lucky, you might meet his potbellied pig named Pizza.

Then it's time to sleep in the back of the VW bus with a few of my friends...

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I enjoyed your post about Marta Becket.

I've had the pleasure of meeting her on two occasions, and wrote about her over at my blog MERE WORDS: