Monday, April 14, 2008

Geodesic Domes & Big Sur

Big Sur Dome in Bixbee Canyon

View of the front yard from upstairs at the dome

Buckminister Fuller in front of Geodesic Dome

Spent this weekend at friend Sandy's wonderful geodesic dome nestled in the woods of Bixbee Canyon where we walked to the beach directly under Bixbee Bridge on Highway One in Big Sur.
I have always loved domes and remember as a teenager going to see Buckminster Fuller lecture in Toronto. He was amazing as he stood with a blackboard and chalk and and explained the magic of the equilateral triangle to the audience.

Several years ago my friend Marianne had tickets for an amazing one man play here in San Francisco called R.Buckminster Fuller: The History (& Mystery) of the Universe. If it's ever revived and you're in the neighborhood go see it!

The dome may not be the best use of space, but the openness of the space and all the sunlight it allows into your living space is wonderful - especially when the living space is mountains and trees filled with songbirds!


Mrs.French said...

I am serious..from about age 6 until now I wanted a Geodesic Dome of my own.

Firehorse66 said...

Hello Miss. Have you talked to Sandy? I see Bixby Canyon was evacuated today. Breaks my heart. Our other very special spot, Orr Hot Springs, has also been evacuated. I'm praying for the best on both counts. xoxo