Monday, March 10, 2008

tabla twins - suphala & talvin singh

Suphala with her tabla above and in the 1st issue of Indian Vogue below

I first heard about Suphala in the NY Times and, having always loved the tabla, sampled and listened to one of her cds on cdbaby and promptly ordered it! Wanting more,more, more I downloaded another cd from itunes and was not disappointed.

Her music is deft and sensual, from a time long ago heard in the future. Drums stir the feet and heart to move as one. But no, there are two - Talvin Singh, who I was fortunate enough to see at Bimbo's in North Beach after having travelled throughout India, meeting different classical percussionists of every style and jamming with them - a delightful documentary captured these marvellous beats and was screened before a live performance - a night to remember!

Here are two videos I found of the tabla twins - Enjoy!

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